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Five Star Terms and Conditions 1. Aspen Resort Fees. All bookings are subject to a 5% Aspen Resort Fee, which MAY includes special services from Private Club use, Aspen Airport Pickup and Delivery, limited in-house massages, limited spa passes or limited work out passes, limited recreational center passes for children or limited miniature golf or ice skating passes. The resort fee may include gift baskets, and other concierge services. All Services included are based on the amount of service fee paid.

2. Booking Fees. A booking fee is 5% and is charged for accounting and processing fees. This can be waived, if funds are sent by wire or direct deposit.

3. Lodging Taxes. All properties are subject to lodging taxes that are designated by the City, or County that you rent within. They range in the Aspen Area from 6.9% to 21.3% depending on which city or county the home is located.

4. Daily and or Departure Cleans. Departure cleans are paid by the tenant with the booking, but a Rental Agreement may require daily or weekly cleans with each rental that will be paid by the Tenant with either a credit card or cash or can be added into the security deposit for payment for cleaning

5. Rental Agreement. Every property rental requires a rental agreement signed by Landlord and Tenant before a booking is final. We strive to get that done in a 72-hour period. It will be sent to you by Electronic Signature for both you and the Landlord to sign. All rental payments may be paid by a credit card with the additional of a booking fee of 5% for accounting charges, but if you pay by wire or by cashier’s check there is a 4% discount applied. However, all Security Deposits must be received in a Bank Wire Transfer that will be designated on the Contract.

6. Cancellation Policy. All rental payments are non-refundable once a Rental Agreement is signed and payments are funded. Five Star will do its best to re-rent a property upon request by Tenant and approval by Landlord.

7. Acceptance of Premises. Tenant accepts the condition of the Premises by either: (I) conducting a physical walk-through of the Premises, whether conducted by Tenant or its Agent; (ii) reviewing Photographs of the Premises; or (iii) reviewing a written description of the Premises. All Premises may not be exactly same as photographs, as furniture & art gets changed time to time.

8. Security/Damage Deposit or Pet Deposit. All properties are subject to funding a Security Deposit that is fully refundable if there are no damages or service fees unpaid. Upon execution of the Rental Agreement by Landlord, Tenant shall deliver a Security/Damage in the amount indicated on Summary Page of Rental Agreement. The Deposit shall be wire transferred to the account designated on the Summary Page and shall identify Renter by name and unit number. A security deposit may not be paid by a credit card and must be paid by wire or cashier’s check. The keys to the Premises will not be released until after the Deposit is received in good funds, the Rental Agreement has been signed by Landlord and Tenant, and the Total Amount Due under the Rental Agreement has been received by Five Star. Security Deposits can range from $1,000 to $75,000 depending on the property rented. Many properties are valued over $10,000,000. A Security Deposit is refundable if there are no damages or outstanding charges for services, cleaning fees or repairs.

9. Dog Policy. If a dog is allowed on a specific property, the owner of the pet is required to have medical or verification of disability documentation, if applicable, and a certificate from a veterinarian stating that the dog is in good health. A copy of the papers must be sent for the Five Star Destinations files in advance of the rental. No Five Star properties allow cats because of severe allergies by most homeowners. Renter agrees to keep dog's nails clipped during the rental period to protect the finishes throughout the home. Renter agrees to pick up excrement after pets when it is on the property grounds to preserve the property grounds. If an animal/pet is brought to a property without approval within the lease contract there will be a $10,000 fine. Any property a pet stays at will be subject to the potential of having all carpets, rugs, furniture and linens cleaned professional out of the security deposit and any other damage to the inside of the house or deterioration of the yard area paid by the security deposit.

10. Concierge Arrangements. If Tenant needs concierge help with dining, beauty services, activities, groceries, or any other services they will contact their Five Star Agent to help make the arrangements. All special bookings for special activities, must be paid 100% in full by their designated date before booking is final.

11. Proof of identity. All rentals require a copy of the Tenants driver's license or passport.

12. Interest on Security Deposits. Any interest earned on deposits is for the benefit of Five Star Destinations Aspen, LLC. All security deposits are held in a separate account.

13. Trip & Personal Property Insurance. We recommend that each Tenant purchase trip and damage insurance and personal property insurance on their personal property when traveling, in the unlikely event of loss.

14. Disputes. Any dispute arising out of the Rental Agreement shall be resolved solely in court proceedings instituted in Pitkin County, Colorado, and Tenant hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the Pitkin County Courts.

15. Smoking Policy: Our houses are non-smoking houses which include cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, or any other substance. If there is smoking inside a home the penalty is $25,000.00.

16. Covid-19. We encourage everyone to follow COVID-19 Best Practices and view the Pitkin County Public Health Order for more information about how to keep ourselves and our community safer during this time.

More information regarding this policy can be found at https://covid19.pitkincounty.com/traveler-responsibility-code/

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